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The Babolat Drive 109 is an ultra light racquet packed with comfort and power. With its large hitting surface, this one provides a very arm-friendly response, with minimal shock on off center hits. Not only is this a great option for beginners in need of a very user-friendly racquet, it should also work well for crafty seniors looking to regain a lost step. From the baseline this racquet delivers easy depth on medium length strokes. Fast swings provide blistering pace. At net the oversize head makes a large and stable platform for blocking the ball back. There’s also plenty of “put- away” power for those who like to close out points with authority. All in all this comfortable racquet is ideal for any player looking for an ultra light option that delivers an easier path to pace and spin.

Head Size 109 sq.in.
Frame Length 27.2 inch
Frame Weight 255 grams
Frame Balance 355 mm
Frame Swingweight 295 kg.cm2
Beam Width 25-28-23 mm
Frame Stiffness 70 DA Points
String Pattern 16 x 20 Mains x Crosses
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 10 cm


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