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With a cosmetic inspired by the racquet models seen on the pro tour, Wilson delivers the Blade 25 to the rising junior who wants a very solid performance racquet. Offering impressive stability and controllable power, this racquet can hit every shot in the book. The open 16×19 string pattern is perfect for the burgeoning topspin player. With its light weight and head light balance, this racquet acceleratates with remarkable ease. The shorter 25″ length keeps it very maneuverable and user-friendly, making this ideal for age groups 9-10.

Authentic tour-inspired cosmetic for advancing junior player.

Head Size 98 sq.in.
Frame Length 25 inch
Frame Weight grams
Frame Balance   mm
Frame Swingweight  258 kg.cm2
Beam Width  20.6 mm
Frame Stiffness DA Points
String Pattern  16 X 19 Mains x Crosses
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 10 cm