Our Junior Development Pathway and Program is specially designed for kids, smaller courts, racquets and softer tennis balls equals:

Players are actively engaged,  excited and motivated to participate.

Players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations.

Players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play.

Players have plenty of opportunities to improve their tennis skills.


Term 4 Coaching programs start Tuesday 8th October and will conclude Saturday 14th December 

*10 week term (excluding Mondays which will be 9 week term due to Queens Birthday being the 7th October 2019)


Launch Pad Stage
3 – 5 Years | 30 Minutes | Mini Court | Red Balls


By learning the basic skills on the red 1/4 court, children will master new skills and learn how to move around the court.  The small racquets allow consistent contact with the red ball assisting the development of proper technique.

$10.10 per lesson*

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Red Stage
5 – 8 Years | 45 Minutes | Half Court | Red Balls

The Red Stage program provides your child with introductory tennis skills while also helping them to develop interpersonal and social skills. Children will learn all the basic tennis strokes, including how to serve, rally and score. The player should not require a parent on court in most cases. Players are strongly recommended to play in the ANZ Tennis Leagues RED FIXTURES.

$12.50 per lesson*

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Orange Stage
8 – 10 Years | 60 Minutes | 3/4 Court | Orange Balls

The player learns not just how to hit a ball but why! Players refine their skills with greater focus on shot selection, technique & rallying with a strong emphasis on serve. Players will be match ready in no time. Children use 50 per cent compression orange balls and play on regular courts with reduced length and width. Recommended racquet size is 21-23 inches. Players are strongly recommended to play in the ANZ Tennis Leagues ORANGE FIXTURES.

$15.00 per lesson*

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Green Stage
9+ Years | 60 Minutes | Full Court | Green Balls

This squad is 50% Technical & 50% Match play. Game play strategies, court movement and structured play are key focus points. Grips & spin control are reinforced with all players looking to heighten their decision making abilities in a competitive match. Players are strongly recommended to play in the ANZ Tennis Leagues GREEN FIXTURES.

$15.00 per lesson*

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Green & Yellow Squad
12 – 16 Years | 90 Minutes | Full Court | Green or Yellow Balls

This program is tailored towards those who have limited tennis experience all the way up to the more competitive player. Grading is an ongoing process making it easy to cater for any level of player. Stronger players will learn to adapt their abilities to suit all tennis environments (eg: Tournament surfaces & how to read other players) while looking to heighten their decision making abilities in a competitive match. All players learn to play both singles and doubles formats highlighting tactics and strategy. Players are strongly recommended to Inter-Club Fixtures and Tournaments.

$17.50 per lesson*

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*Payments can be made by direct debit with both fortnightly and quarterly payment options or upfront credit card payments are also available. Transaction fees are payable on both options (see the registration page for details).

Payment does not include 2019 Club Membership which is payable before third lesson to Pimpama Island Sports Association Incorporation.

Lessons will be held as per schedule only if a minimum number of players are enrolled in the class. Enrolments are subject to ACTA Policies which can be found here

For more information, call 0421 795 608 or email info@allchampstennis.com.au