Michael Parker
Academy Director / Head Coach

Michael is the Head Coach and joint partner of All Champs Tennis Academy. He brings a vast amount of knowledge, which only comes from experience at the highest level possible. His direct and honest approach is very refreshing which creates a great learning environment. Michael also has a very understanding side to him as he himself has had to deal with the ups and downs associated with high-level tennis. He has traveled around the world extensively and has been to all the major tournaments.

He started playing tennis at 7 years old and continued through to the age of 19 years old. He then decided to become a coach and worked at several tennis locations on the Gold Coast. He was ranked in the top 10 of QLD and top 20 in Australia when he was a junior. Michael loves the challenge and it’s a great sport to compete in as it challenges you in every way, mental toughness, physically strong and requires technique. Unlike other sports it is one of few sports that can be played with a team or individual.

He attained his Club Professional – Level 2 Qualifications on the 28thJune 2006 with Tennis Australia, which allows him to coach junior tennis through to adult tennis. He has over 10 years coaching experience and have been here at All Champs Tennis Academy since I started the Academy in July 2006.

He loves tennis and we hope you enjoy the programs and services provided by All Champs Tennis Academy.


Personal Playing Career

  • Highest Australian ranking 13
  • Hitting Partner for ATP/WTA Ranked Players
  • Semi-Finalist of Australian Grass Court Championships (Juniors)
  • Consistent Top Ranked Player for over 6 years


Coaching Career

  • Level 2 TA Coaching Certificate & TA Member
  • Coached for over 10 years
Alison Rhodes

Alison is joint partner of All Champs Tennis Academy. She adds a lot of value and her duties revolve around managing and distributing information within the office. This generally includes answering phones, taking memos and emails. Her most important job is ensuring you and your child is best suited into a program that meets your needs. Alison brings a very refreshing atmosphere to the academy and creates a great supportive environment.


Personal Playing Career

  • Cardio Tennis Player
  • Social Tennis Member
  • Tennis Enthusiast
Joel Buhner
Junior Development Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Joel. I am a level 1 ACTPA qualified Coach and specialise in coaching aspiring tennis stars from 4-15 years of age. I was first introduced to tennis at the age of 6 when I enrolled in my first tennis lesson. I enjoyed it for a time before going away to try out other sports but eventually made my triumphant return to the sport at age 12 when I started training with All Champs Tennis Academy. From there I enjoyed playing club fixtures and pursuing tournament competitions. By the time I was 16, I found my passion in coaching and teaching what I had learnt to the next tennis stars. From there, I obtained my qualification and have spent the last 4 years at All Champs helping students reach their full potential. I am strong believer in hard work and grit, and always encourage my students to give their all regardless of the result.

Jacob Muller
Junior Development Coach

Coming Soon!

Dylan Martinez
Fixtures Coordinator

Dylan he has been working at the academy since March of 2017 and manages all the junior leagues teaching kids how to play, score and enjoy the game of tennis. He is currently learning how to become a coach so he can teach the kids how to play tennis using a variety of skills and techniques. Dylan has been playing representative sport since 2014 and knows that working hard will encourage good performance.

Dylan enjoys sport, working with kids, spending time with family and friends. He also likes going to the beach and relaxing to the tunes of music. He looks forward to helping your child develop their tennis through the experience of tennis leagues.