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Play with power and master your game with the Babolat Pure Drive. This update to the racquet that put Babolat on the map, in regards to tennis racquets, maintains the true heritage of Pure Drive racquet from Babolat. Updated with FSI Technology this racquet provides surreal amount of power without sacrificing on control and maneuverability. FSI broadens the sweetspot towards the top of the head resulting in greater power from the frame and depth of shot. The tightening of the string pattern in this area gives you more control over the direction of your shot and provides greater feel on contact. Babolat have also incorporated their ever popular Woofer System Technology which optimises string and frame cohesiveness for better performance. Combine these technologies with Babolat GT which aims at producing a more rigid and responsive frame and you get a racquet that is suitable for players at an intermediate through to the advanced tournament level player.

Head Size 100
Frame Length 27 inch
Frame Weight 318 grams
Frame Balance mm
Frame Swingweight kg.cm2
Beam Width  23.5/26/22.5 mm
Frame Stiffness DA Points
String Pattern  16 x 19 Mains x Crosses
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 10 cm


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